"I normally do not send a lot of comments about trips but in this case I will. The only thing I can say is if you look up the definition of "class act" in the dictionary you should be referred to North King Lodge. The facilities were great but your staff at the lodge is bar none: It didn't matter which one of your staff we talked to, we were always met with a friendly smile and the willingness to help out. They are just a great bunch of individuals who work as a collective team to make our stay a great one! Many thanks!"

Lance Chalmers


Lodging & Meals

Our lodge facility is designed to offer guests the greatest level of comfort possible in one of the most isolated areas of British Columbia. But we also keep in mind that we are catering to fishermen.

The facility can hold up to 40 people, giving it a comfortable, personal feel.  The accommodations are updated and very spacious.  The rooms are set up for double occupancy; washing areas are separate from bathrooms.

The lodge facility has the West Coast look and is finished with local cedar on the interior. It is fully serviced with 24 hour kitchen, dining room and lounge, covered promenades and hot tub.

Staying in Touch


We encourage our guests to unplug and truly relax (except when playing that monster fish).  For those times when you really need to stay in touch with the real world, there is wifi available for a nominal fee.  We also have a full business center with satellite phone service (charged by the minute) and internet.

Gourmet Meals

We take great pride in our gourmet meals at North King Lodge.  Our chefs prepare three hot meals each day with unlimited snacks.  We feature local seafood but also cater to individual tastes.  Meal times are flexible as we do not want you to miss the hot bite times.  For those with allergies we can customize the menu to meet your dietary needs.  Complimentary British Columbia wine is served with meals.