"There he stands, draped in more equipment than a telephone lineman, trying to outwit an organism with a brain no bigger than a breadcrumb, and getting licked in the process."
—Paul O'Neil, 1965




Chinook Salmon - 73.5 lbs caught in 2006 by Dean Crone

Coho Salmon - 25 lbs caught in 2006 by Derek Sager

Ling Cod - 60 lbs caught in 2005 

Red Snapper - 25 pounds caught in 2004

Halibut - 250 pounds released in 2013 by Corinne Holowaychuk


The Fishing Experience

Caamano Sound is on the edge of the Hecate Strait and acts as the front door for the Central and North Coast salmon migrations. Caamano Sound offers anglers the finest and most consistent salmon fishing experience anywhere on the West Coast of British Columbia. Our Chinook Salmon weigh up to 74 pounds and Coho Salmon up to 25 pounds.

The fishing grounds at the north end of Aristazabal Island act as a holding area for major schools of herring throughout the summer.  As the main forage for all salmon species, the abundant herring attract migrating salmon that stay and feed in plentiful numbers before travelling on to their destination waterways for spawning. 

Location! Location! Location!

Our location is so well situated that we experience multiple runs of Chinook and Coho Salmon throughout the summer months (May through August), keeping our anglers on the action at all times. The majority of North King Lodge salmon fishing grounds are in very sheltered waters that can be reached within a 15 minute ride from our dock. We have never experienced a day that our anglers could not get out fishing.  The topography in the area also creates some of the best shore lines to mooch on the entire coast.

This area is very isolated, which gives us exclusive access to the fishing.  We only run 19 boats so there is very minimal pressure on the bottom fishing. This results in phenomenal and frequent catches of red snapper, lingcod and trophy halibut weighing up to 170 pounds.

Boats and Bait

Our boats are fully outfitted for a complete fishing experience. Whether your style is mooching tight to kelp beds or trolling with downriggers, we do it all. 

All the fisheries offered by the area can be accessed with our safe and sturdy boats specifically designed for fishing our waters.  The boats are 19 foot welded aluminum centre console boats powered by well maintained, 60 hp Yamaha outboards. 

Every boat is geared with rods, tackle and all safety equipment.  We also operate North King Bait, which produces the finest bait herring and anchovies in North America. North King Lodge anglers are very fortunate to have a never-ending supply of the highest quality bait on the coast.